O’Donovans planning to attend the 2020 Gathering have expressed concern about possible exposure to the Coronavirus that is circulating worldwide.

Only you can decide whether to maintain your travel plans in light of the risks of air travel, close contact with other travelers, and the liklihood of transmission while in Ireland.

Some recommendations that have been vetted by health and travel professionals:

  • Assess your general state of health to determine if you are in a high-risk group (age, pre-existing conditions, etc.)
  • Keep abreast of travel advisories published by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and TSA
  • Check with your travel agent for CFAR (Cancel for Any Reason) travel insurance options
  • Learn and practice good hygiene: frequent, thorough hand-washing, use of hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes, no handshaking, little to no physical contact while in crowded spaces

Some useful links:

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